99.6% OF PLAYERS WILL NOT SURVIVE THIS PART (on hardcore) | Resident Evil 3 (Part 2)

20-Apr, 2020
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Outro By:
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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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  • 9:04 ik cory was clutching his booty cheeks extra hard

    babygirl carobabygirl caro6 oy oldin
    • IKR

      Xavier WilsonXavier Wilson22 soat oldin

      Xavier WilsonXavier Wilson22 soat oldin
    • He really do

      Ted Maurice-JonesTed Maurice-Jones5 kun oldin
    • @DėfëręńtPVŽ 😭the door right now lol

      It'sTrish GekkoIt'sTrish GekkoOy oldin
    • Eyr5dydyydyetyeyeeydfjrryd

      Vicious QuanVicious Quan2 oy oldin
  • Sometimes you scream like a girl

    Dane Orion NixDane Orion Nix3 soat oldin
  • Cory gone again for a month already, I’ll be settling in for his old videos 😀.

    John MorrisJohn Morris5 soat oldin
  • 25:16 Cory: y’all heard that? Me: no 25:18 me: yes

    Cheezburjer PlaysCheezburjer Plays8 soat oldin
  • Yeah get ur ankles broke boi. He was putting moves on nemesis. Until he died. Repeatedly. Painfully 😂

    KeeleySleepsAlotKeeleySleepsAlot11 soat oldin
  • Oh my god he in X famed mode

    ChibiBoyChibiBoy16 soat oldin
  • My favorite cartier is Jill and Carlos

    Angela CorprewAngela Corprew19 soat oldin
  • With the grenade launcher

    Angela CorprewAngela Corprew19 soat oldin
  • Bro I can one shot nemises

    Angela CorprewAngela Corprew19 soat oldin
  • I like to see you sang little punk

    Jordan harpeJordan harpeKun oldin
  • 28:26 Cory: Ima take a shower. Me: you know your showering in someone's dodo and pee.

    Mad Hatter1218Mad Hatter1218Kun oldin
  • thats thanos cuzin

  • my name cane

  • what beat that is cory 20:00

  • The creature stuck something in the girls mouth and babies came(Visible confusion)

    Peggy WilliamsPeggy WilliamsKun oldin
  • Cory doesn't know that the water at 28:35 was pee water from a toilet

    X XX X2 kun oldin
  • Hay 2 Times 5 is 10

    Junior GallegosJunior Gallegos2 kun oldin
  • 18:13 that second zombie got his ankles snapped

    ROBLOX DragonROBLOX Dragon2 kun oldin
  • U missed all the upgrades and gear space in the safe, subway jewels machine and on nemesis drop. I missed big my dude. Its going to haunt u for the rest of the game. U are going to get difficult on top of hardcore mode. Good luck lol

    samtoo2010samtoo20103 kun oldin
  • I sAiD nO SiR lEt Me RoLl 19:50

    sunflowersunflower3 kun oldin
  • 27:06 YOU ARE NEVER, supposed to give Cory this type of weapon during a crisis!!! XD

    Kimberly WilliamsKimberly Williams3 kun oldin
  • 25:27 Cory KNEWWWWWWWWWWW he was in some trouble 🤣❤

    Kimberly WilliamsKimberly Williams3 kun oldin
  • 20:31 cory: Its my job to carry the burden... and i will carry it me: until 10 million subscribers yeah (all love no hate)

    zaya PCzaya PC4 kun oldin
  • did anyone else get an ad about honey lol

    zaya PCzaya PC4 kun oldin
  • Who would win Mr.x or nemesis

    Amber HillAmber Hill4 kun oldin
  • 50:18

    Roblox _PlayerRoblox _Player5 kun oldin
  • The rocking chair gos enr enr 3:54

    hi personhi person5 kun oldin
  • I love Cory he is the only gamer that doesn’t use a whole lot of profanity 🙃❤️

    Ms. MMs. M5 kun oldin
  • This showed up in my suggestions and for a second I thought Cory uploaded ; - ;

  • this game gave me a heart attack man

    hassaan ahmedhassaan ahmed5 kun oldin
  • 54:37 She's not like that She's not like anybody And there's Cory: *YEAH JUST MET HER TWENTY MINUTES AGO* HAD ME DYING LMAO

    Shugar MinShugar Min6 kun oldin
  • *Cory ready to go to another boss battle just for a handgun ammo* *yeah*

    Shugar MinShugar Min6 kun oldin
  • Corey the goat 😂😂🗣

    Lay LayreeeLay Layreee6 kun oldin
  • tell me this song in the backround 14:34

    Ur MumUr Mum6 kun oldin
  • 9:03 me when my momma come in with two belts combined

    Kayen GarvinKayen Garvin6 kun oldin
  • nemesis: chasing Cory Zombie: grabs Cory nemesis: (smacks zombie) get off of my girl.

    Zoe PowellZoe Powell6 kun oldin
  • Cory just had to say that

    terina nelsonterina nelson7 kun oldin
  • I think Cory is A good UZworldre Because he doesn’t over edit his videos to the point where it’s so annoying actually how about I just put a checklist N.1: he doesn’t over and is videos to make them seem more interesting…………………………………………………even though it just makes it hard to watch N.2: he has good reactions that don’t make it seem like everything is staged……………………………… like A person with a really bad acting Continuing and still continuing to 10 hours later Because there’s too many things are so good about him and also I paused on a spot where nemesis is coming through a wall and his Facelook like Luigi Just O*O ( )

    Puppy Dog 1909Puppy Dog 19097 kun oldin
  • Tsar fish looking thing:sup Cory:👁👄👁 Funny thing is they are from metro exodus 2077,info:they are really called tsar fishes *it comes back* Cory and me:👁👄👁

    Shoko HimenokoShoko Himenoko7 kun oldin
  • One thing I love about Cory is that he believes in himself all the time and never gives up keep being positive

    Dragon1x0Dragon1x07 kun oldin
  • 17:31 giving me anxiety, cant breath, and im having a whole seizure.

    emani Stonerockemani Stonerock8 kun oldin
  • Cory: we left off with things going down my throat. Me: what things 😳

    Shaneila CleghornShaneila Cleghorn9 kun oldin
    • Same I was like .......Cory show me where the bad man touched you

      Calvin HelmCalvin Helm7 kun oldin
  • explosion on train* Jill: what was that Nemesis:whats up my homies also i killed your friends :>

    NinjaJayNinjaJay9 kun oldin
  • 18:03 when you pove your fam but they eating your food and candy

    fysox PLAYZfysox PLAYZ10 kun oldin
  • 28:19 so awkward

    Devyn SloweDevyn Slowe10 kun oldin
  • Cory: WE CAN DO THIS ALL DAY! Cory: Realize 5 shotgun shells

    FlameZ StrikersFlameZ Strikers11 kun oldin
  • his reactions are the best

    Shannel MitchellShannel Mitchell13 kun oldin
  • When I see my ex holla at me "no ma'am, let me roll"

    Crippling DepressionCrippling Depression13 kun oldin
  • 0:41 Naw ain’t no pause what chu say?😭

    •Melissa Chan••Melissa Chan•14 kun oldin
  • Cory dostroyed the entire snort of zombies that’s a legend

    Abono OmotAbono Omot14 kun oldin
  • 32:10 bro that is soo funny " it can use weapons" love you cory

    Tayshaun B.Tayshaun B.15 kun oldin
  • I got s rank on this difficulty first try

    Yeety McGreedyYeety McGreedy16 kun oldin
  • cory: they can catch on fire the viewers: yeah sucka talkin bout i aint see that comin

    Vashara JacksonVashara Jackson16 kun oldin
  • anyone notice nemisis trash bag around his body?

    Vashara JacksonVashara Jackson16 kun oldin
  • 16:53 This man Cory dodging in real life lmao

    Brenda BeardBrenda Beard16 kun oldin
  • When Cory was acting like he was taking a shower I was like “ Haha ok, we get it.” Then he’s starts drinking it then I’m like “CORY YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR”

    Morgan BraxtonMorgan Braxton17 kun oldin
  • I love he says thank you because he knows he has good fans

    SxldierSxldier17 kun oldin
  • Where’s the little thing move

    Charlie CavanaghCharlie Cavanagh18 kun oldin
  • I laughed extra hard when the added the roosterteeth podcast laughing xD

    Philip TarrayoPhilip Tarrayo20 kun oldin
  • HAHAHAH that tuff my mans

    steeve Moisesteeve Moise20 kun oldin
  • My mans juked nemesis like it was a ant

    Jarvis BattleJarvis Battle20 kun oldin
  • 25:29 that face 😂

    Hesam NajafiHesam Najafi20 kun oldin
  • 14:33 Cory:I’m not about to let y’all bully me Zombies:hits Cory XD

    uh oh stinky monkaeyuh oh stinky monkaey22 kun oldin
  • 30:18 Cory: Oh ThAt'S oiL

    Crippling DepressionCrippling Depression22 kun oldin
  • 19:49 to 19:53, lol I laughed hard

    sumathy boopathysumathy boopathy24 kun oldin
  • You got that roiling move

    Lincoln MerisLincoln Meris24 kun oldin
  • With great rolls come the power of Juke

    zdog zdogzdog zdog24 kun oldin
  • This is dope

    Devonte BarrycloughDevonte Barryclough24 kun oldin
  • Why did I get scared too at 31:42🤣🤣

    Anime Guys hotAnime Guys hot25 kun oldin
  • Cory is the goat in resident evil

    Abraham MontealegreAbraham Montealegre25 kun oldin
  • *No sir let me roll!*

    yeet noobyeet noob25 kun oldin
  • 21:42 What hAppEnENd to no sirrrr

    ToxicKing __clanToxicKing __clan25 kun oldin
  • 25:29 the jurassic park moment

    Quinton HughesQuinton Hughes25 kun oldin
  • Best UZworldr of all time

    Joshua MorleyJoshua Morley25 kun oldin
  • bro i'm dead 8:36

    BeemoBeemo26 kun oldin
  • *jAPaN!?*

    Cobblestone100mcCobblestone100mc26 kun oldin
  • 18:5 mans did the triple air roll

    Xxgamer GodxxXxgamer Godxx27 kun oldin
  • Please play RE4

    Exiotic CalvinoExiotic Calvino27 kun oldin
  • why is he so mean to carlos

    adebayo muhammedadebayo muhammed27 kun oldin
  • im worn out man

    Jahiem RogersJahiem Rogers28 kun oldin
  • Did he do that

    ivan samuraiivan samurai28 kun oldin
  • cory i think...i think that's poo water yeaaaaaa... you should probably get out of that.

    Marlon MooreMarlon Moore28 kun oldin
  • somebodye helpp i cant get past the first nemesis fight wit the flamethrower cuz i missed the shotgun in the beggining can i still win

    Mike N IkeMike N Ike29 kun oldin
  • I jumped so hard at 31:42 🤣🤣

    CakedFaceKenyaCakedFaceKenya29 kun oldin
  • carlos voice actor is javi from the walking dead season 3

    uwuXylouwuXylo29 kun oldin
  • Bruh Nemesis was like *Get Over Here*

    Funtime LeftyFuntime LeftyOy oldin
  • Hello

    That is weird WinburnThat is weird WinburnOy oldin
  • Cory the boss

    Elizabeth TrevinoElizabeth TrevinoOy oldin
  • cory re3 and re2 mr x and nemesis brothers and brother

    Ron GibbsRon GibbsOy oldin
  • Jill:Takes a shower in the sewers Cory:Opens mouth Me:Wait no

    The DudeThe DudeOy oldin
  • sucks when you celebrate and gotta die seconds after mane v_v

    gravwrldgravwrldOy oldin
  • If he can beat nemesis twice he can do it again!

    Random GamingRandom GamingOy oldin
  • For 10 hand gun bullets!!!!!

    Random GamingRandom GamingOy oldin
  • Why does the nemesis hurt Jill anyway

    Vanessa BurtVanessa BurtOy oldin
  • *coreyyy what was u doinggg?* 😭😭 31:23

    Tom hxoTom hxoOy oldin
  • Dang Cory just broke nemesis fat ankle

    Elizabeth AlvarezElizabeth AlvarezOy oldin
  • As he said no Nemesis for a while hahaha

    Edward FedroffEdward FedroffOy oldin
  • momo the plant is a green herb

    Apex AlexApex AlexOy oldin
  • 28:11 cory take a shower in poo water

    The foxy showThe foxy showOy oldin
  • To be honest I be Inferno mode on my first try without taking any damage with an S rank but props to Corey you did a good job but it only gets harder from there I finished the game completely 100% and got the infinite rocket launcher in everything it's not easy but it takes time

    Linda PrendiLinda PrendiOy oldin