20-Iyl, 2020
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Ghost of Tsushima is definitely my game of the year... *stares intensely at Last of Us 2*
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Outro By: - Animation
KrpticUnknown - Beat


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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


#coryxkenshin #GhostofTsushima

  • rip fox we will miss you

    Cierra LassiterCierra Lassiter8 soat oldin
  • F

    David CurranDavid Curran11 soat oldin
  • When I heard straw hat 😅 I was like Luffy in This Do the gum gum

    Just a Zenitsu GuyJust a Zenitsu Guy12 soat oldin

    Alteme WilsonAlteme Wilson14 soat oldin
  • Coryxkenshin is the most popular UZworldr in the world

    T. MachelleT. Machelle14 soat oldin
    • No kiddo... PewDiePie is.

      O LEO NO LEO N9 soat oldin
  • w for the fox

  • Lol Cory said sum in all the other stealth games they be like 😟 in this game be like 🦜🦐🐋🐉 lol 😂

    SO SO The KIDSO SO The KIDKun oldin
  • Sup Dudes

    Just a Zenitsu GuyJust a Zenitsu GuyKun oldin
  • F

    The WeabooThe WeabooKun oldin
  • Can someone tell me does Cory like samurai stuff

    Andrew WalkerAndrew Walker2 kun oldin
  • when I saw that fox die this is my face😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱

    Deegan LandezDeegan Landez2 kun oldin
  • cory: put f in the chat for the fox also cory: wait he alive. me: I did think the fox thought jin was a ghost of tsushima. get it yea now ima go cry now bye

    Jack The Diamond CatJack The Diamond Cat2 kun oldin
  • Fox it gets better Lol

    alan juarezalan juarez2 kun oldin
  • F

    Wheat OatsWheat Oats2 kun oldin
  • i litterally spamed before i saw it was alive

    Tohierah HarnekerTohierah Harneker3 kun oldin
  • f

    Tohierah HarnekerTohierah Harneker3 kun oldin
  • With Jin not being able to assassinate people is unrealistic because on the second mongol invasion which was after this game they cut off heads on the beach head

    krustydusty Monkey137krustydusty Monkey1373 kun oldin
  • LET ME PLAY YOU A SONG!!!! 😂😂😂😂

    Brenale JohnsonBrenale Johnson4 kun oldin
  • i like assassin creed its g

    alexanderhamilton alexanderhamiltonalexanderhamilton alexanderhamilton4 kun oldin
    • But I think the game it’s most like combat and stealth is shadow of war

      Melissa MartinezMelissa Martinez4 kun oldin
    • As someone who played the game it is like it stealth wise but combat is little different and weapons

      Melissa MartinezMelissa Martinez4 kun oldin
  • this kinda looks like assassins creed, am am rght or am i rght like look at the graphics

    alexanderhamilton alexanderhamiltonalexanderhamilton alexanderhamilton4 kun oldin
  • R we on our demon slayer?

    SugarplumsSugarplums4 kun oldin
  • Water stance?

    SugarplumsSugarplums4 kun oldin
  • I forgot what the kenshin anime Was called But I do remember tomoe

    SugarplumsSugarplums4 kun oldin
  • F

    Vanessa OchoaVanessa Ochoa5 kun oldin
  • Ninjas were still a sect of samurai

    chris mosleychris mosley5 kun oldin
  • 2:18 bruh what song is that

    MAKEOUTHILL 66 Animation and reactionMAKEOUTHILL 66 Animation and reaction5 kun oldin
  • Ffffffffffffffffffffffff

    Guy PitaGuy Pita5 kun oldin
  • What is the song in the horse montage? Plis :((

    King Chris :3King Chris :36 kun oldin
  • Hey Cory what’s that remix when your riding on your horse 🐎 if you see this

    Ashley ZimmermanAshley Zimmerman6 kun oldin
  • Famous last words: "Yoshinobo adachi"

    Kennedy LemonKennedy Lemon7 kun oldin
  • f

    ItsNervyXDItsNervyXD7 kun oldin
  • 0:09 life can be hard sometimes 😩

    Taytrice RichemeTaytrice Richeme7 kun oldin
  • F

    Ehsan Mohammed sayed afzarEhsan Mohammed sayed afzar7 kun oldin

    StallionOnlineStallionOnline7 kun oldin
  • 0:11 i love how he always uses That Animal Sound from Far Cry New Dawn when dashie shoot the dear

    Danjella MirakajDanjella Mirakaj8 kun oldin
  • Men hong kung şahin linh killer man with soup

    Ben NeBen Ne9 kun oldin
  • F

    G ZEDG ZED10 kun oldin
  • F

    G ZEDG ZED10 kun oldin
  • F

    Idk honestlyIdk honestly10 kun oldin
  • No ori

    N3RF PHO3NIXN3RF PHO3NIX10 kun oldin
  • Cory: who in here *Slice the door up* ~screen fade to black~ Me: 👀😤😂🤣😭💦 why? Lol bruh ☠️

    Kai KenjiKai Kenji11 kun oldin
  • F

    Ashton StarrAshton Starr12 kun oldin

    Allain PerezAllain Perez12 kun oldin
  • When is the next time we gonna get a Samurai game? A few months later: Top 10 Samurai games by WatchMojo

    DevonMCDevonMC13 kun oldin
  • The straw hat! His voice.... It’s Charles from red dead!

    Prince ApolloPrince Apollo13 kun oldin
  • F

    Ronnie_GamingRonnie_Gaming13 kun oldin
  • There should be an Easter egg in the game with Kenshin Himura featured. Ruroni Kenshin just might be one of my favorite anime of all time

    Crescent BlueCrescent Blue14 kun oldin
  • Make more vids with this game pls

    Lorenz GrandeLorenz Grande15 kun oldin
  • Can you do the ending Cory?😩

    Cake Is baeCake Is bae16 kun oldin
  • The horse montages are Awesome!!!!😁 I love them

    Sams blue eyesSams blue eyes16 kun oldin
  • F

    Jeevan ChandranJeevan Chandran16 kun oldin
  • cory helps a poor fox commit sucide 18:38 R.I.P Fox YOU WILL BE AVENGED 🤬😔

    Aqueel JeffersonAqueel Jefferson18 kun oldin
  • 8:11 and we back with the torment

    joejoe19 kun oldin
  • Cory: Fox it gets better! Fox: Naw man 👁💧👄💧👁

    •Melissa Chan••Melissa Chan•20 kun oldin
  • I was already laying down when he was chocking the camera🤣

    Juicy BoyJuicy Boy20 kun oldin
  • so he just strangle people on the reg that was well done

    awtism mmmphawtism mmmph20 kun oldin
  • He be using yo boi YuB in his video

    Ljplays, Or John H.Ljplays, Or John H.21 kun oldin
  • Pls make more ghost of tsushima

    Henry WangHenry Wang21 kun oldin
  • Those 1k dislikes are the troops that died in this video lol

    Kenny _YTKenny _YT22 kun oldin
  • 13:00 got me rolling

    LR HallLR Hall22 kun oldin
  • rip foxie

    Courtnie MillerCourtnie Miller23 kun oldin
  • Enemie: You don't deserve this. Cory: Then let me out!!

    Mr DeluxMr Delux23 kun oldin
  • 1:53. Well Nioh and Nioh 2 ....

    YanXYanX23 kun oldin
  • imean if ur lookin for another samirai game u should play aragami

    Qrystian SandovalQrystian Sandoval23 kun oldin
  • for the fox

    James League-TolandJames League-Toland23 kun oldin
  • F

    Darius Wolf GamerDarius Wolf Gamer24 kun oldin
  • What was the name of the zelda song he played?

    The Owl GangThe Owl Gang24 kun oldin
  • 28:03 LOL I haven't seen You Got Served in forever 😂😂 Cory is the GOAT

    Soshi KunSoshi Kun24 kun oldin
  • f for the fox.

    Michael WindhamMichael Windham25 kun oldin
  • 18:38 F in the ch- 19:07 Oh nvm

    ZCR FedorA LastnameaZCR FedorA Lastnamea26 kun oldin
  • yuna yuna do from naruto

    Larry CarterLarry Carter26 kun oldin
  • f in the chat for fox

    christopher contechristopher conte26 kun oldin
  • Its dead mother but what he did with it pure genius props man props

    Caleb SemienCaleb Semien26 kun oldin
  • F

    Mister ManMister Man27 kun oldin
  • Can someone please tell me the name of the song at 2:17

    Fankops FabianFankops Fabian27 kun oldin
  • Whats the name of the song at 2:16

    Theuniversalsimp 62Theuniversalsimp 6228 kun oldin
  • 1:29 song?

    TheRedRemixTheRedRemix28 kun oldin
  • cats

    funtimeseanfuntimesean28 kun oldin
  • you killed the fo- nevermind

    Raphael AbellaRaphael AbellaOy oldin
  • F

    Møønlight weirdoMøønlight weirdoOy oldin
  • Water stance is my favorite when you have it all unlocked

    Raven SmithRaven SmithOy oldin
  • Cory just thought u should no if u like stealth games... they r coming out with a new assassins creed... just wanted u to no 2 months later for some reason

    Idk_ BruhIdk_ BruhOy oldin
  • F

    Deron ShawDeron ShawOy oldin
  • I watched an anime with a Tomoe ☠️😭🥺

    Elizabeth FariasElizabeth FariasOy oldin
  • music name!!!!!! 2:16 please!!!!

    jay playerjay playerOy oldin

    S0und Syndr0meS0und Syndr0meOy oldin
  • F..... poor fox..... ... NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH no but fr R.I.P FOX

    Darien KnappDarien KnappOy oldin
  • Fffffff

    zipis manzipis manOy oldin
  • This game has a lot of one piece references liek wado ichimoji,shusui,Haki,Mugiwara

    KishiKishiOy oldin
  • R.I.P Fox

  • Yo, I got scared when he was punching the cam, hahahah

  • 6:00 lmao best part

    xectivxectivOy oldin
  • There is more than 300k likeson your vid cory

    Tristan TingTristan TingOy oldin
  • if you dont understand the Yuna reference..... its naruto shonen jump: 9th opening. step ur anime game up man, dang.

    kenkenOy oldin
  • F

    QQOy oldin
  • [F] He was a real one. He had a come up and changed his ways unlike his cousin swiper. Rip to the king 👑

    Jaylen MALCOLMJaylen MALCOLMOy oldin
  • Cory I finished the game in 2 days

    Anthony CamarenaAnthony CamarenaOy oldin
  • whats that song at 2:17

    Aaron GonzalezAaron GonzalezOy oldin
  • 8:06

    Ssj2 Wakanda AnthonySsj2 Wakanda AnthonyOy oldin
  • "fix it gets better !" 😭😭😭 funniest youtuber our there

    Niko MartinezNiko MartinezOy oldin