I Cried TEARS TWICE.. CAN'T HOLD IT IN ANYMORE | Try Not To Laugh Challenge #9

24-Apr, 2020
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It's TIME for another installment of you guys FAILING to make me laugh... except these were actually really... REALLY good.
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Outro By:
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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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  • Hi you I want to see you

    First NameFirst NameSoat oldin
  • love ur vids

    Bonnie LienBonnie Lien2 soat oldin
  • love ur vids

    Bonnie LienBonnie Lien2 soat oldin
  • The caption : I cried Tears twice Me: what else so you cry ?

    Mckenna FosterMckenna Foster3 soat oldin
  • Holly Cory

    mahin playmahin play4 soat oldin
  • Cory there will be never be stuff like dis anyone's else channel

    Jamari BarronJamari Barron5 soat oldin
  • Bro when he there’s ashes that was funny but not

    Fortnite kid Sweaty kidFortnite kid Sweaty kid6 soat oldin
  • Me after touching blue fire because my brother said it was cold: 12:07

    Garrett Fortune101Garrett Fortune10113 soat oldin
  • im crying for a diff reason but im laughing at the vid sooo

    christine carvajalchristine carvajal15 soat oldin
  • No one That one coffee addict that is high on that stuff: 12:55

    Evaristus AjaguEvaristus Ajagu18 soat oldin
  • When I saw the snow one I CRIED to tries XD

    Cookie crumbsCookie crumbs19 soat oldin
  • He said he wasn't going to laugh but he's over here shedding tears fam

    majada Rockettmajada Rockett21 soat oldin
  • 3:00 oh fuck no you hella laughed

    ExtraordinaryExtraordinaryKun oldin
  • 8:55 my man's looks like a gnome

    Joseph CamposJoseph CamposKun oldin
  • Not funny .mad.

    Na kaufmannNa kaufmannKun oldin
  • That black man fell on the snow but you were crying

    M GriffinM GriffinKun oldin
  • i subacribe to you

  • 5:50 What an anime villain’s minions see right after the hero punches them.

    Hexbox256Hexbox256Kun oldin
  • kids .❤

    Ralphie georgeRalphie george2 kun oldin
  • 11:06 we all know cory got this man famous

    __kennedii__kennedii2 kun oldin
  • sa sa sa sa sa salist i don,t no haw to say that.

    Grace paint er hj gf vx hzGrace paint er hj gf vx hz2 kun oldin
  • do more afry dayyyyyyyyyyyy.

    Grace paint er hj gf vx hzGrace paint er hj gf vx hz2 kun oldin
  • Awesome

    Tommy_ 84Tommy_ 842 kun oldin
  • 11:06 look at how corys face changes.

    Chimpy WidnerChimpy Widner2 kun oldin
    • startled i meant.

      Chimpy WidnerChimpy Widner2 kun oldin
  • 7:38 cory:AAAAAAAAAAh

    Chimpy WidnerChimpy Widner2 kun oldin
  • Cory man bruh you the best my brother is a fan of you and my sister

    Izzy The Odd KidIzzy The Odd Kid2 kun oldin
  • 9:18 y’all heard that?!

    XxxSo̸ft_Mo̸chixxXXxxSo̸ft_Mo̸chixxX2 kun oldin
  • At 1:39 tho 🤣🤣🤣

    Minato NamikazeMinato Namikaze2 kun oldin
    • minato

      SalehSaleh2 kun oldin
  • i laughed

    Aretha HowzeAretha Howze2 kun oldin
  • Cory almost pause the video until he realized that guy threw Ashes in his car

    Remus TuazonRemus Tuazon2 kun oldin
  • Inko at the start tho

    - milk_n_hxney -- milk_n_hxney -2 kun oldin
  • 9:10 is he saying that he got's no wife

    RedDevil GamesRedDevil Games3 kun oldin

    patryk bpatryk b3 kun oldin
  • 7:04 HHEHEHEHEHEEHE I DID THAT HEEEEEEEEE I hope thats in èurope

    itzonlymehere_HIitzonlymehere_HI3 kun oldin
  • Anyone know what is the sound effect on 3:29

    Dead MemesDead Memes3 kun oldin
  • I sold him crack that's was in the side walk sorry about your eye i that it was still good

    Quadarius JewsQuadarius Jews3 kun oldin
  • hi

    Daniel GuerraDaniel Guerra3 kun oldin
  • He said he will not laugh 1:56

    Mod ErdMod Erd3 kun oldin
  • if you dislike this im coming to your front porch

    Celeste EsquiviasCeleste Esquivias4 kun oldin
  • i dont feel scared from that creepeing face and the laugh.

    Angel HernandezAngel Hernandez4 kun oldin
  • This Video was on my birthday

    Cane ButterCane Butter4 kun oldin
  • “Segregation”😭😭😭

    F1 _wavyF1 _wavy4 kun oldin
  • your the chosen but im and the cosen ONE!!!

    legos and stufflegos and stuff4 kun oldin
  • Omg the guy with the blue shirt had me dead😂😂😂

    D JayyyD Jayyy4 kun oldin
  • Bruh why is this one so funny I was dying 😂😂😂😂 3:22

    Lindell MillerLindell Miller4 kun oldin
  • I did not know momo can you show videos to you

    Sky blossomSky blossom4 kun oldin
  • Lol

    Typical TypeTypical Type4 kun oldin
  • 2:05 I Thought he's sneezing *giggles

    123 Jsmnnn123 Jsmnnn5 kun oldin
  • l love the game try don't to laugh ❤👈good job

    Minkan-Kazukinchatter Twitter mimiMinkan-Kazukinchatter Twitter mimi5 kun oldin
  • I don’t see it on the app but it thanks for the app and I will was the way I got it for you like I did it on the way home is that the app I will was the way I did ryrr was a r

    Angelo FosterAngelo Foster5 kun oldin
  • First class and the class was a class of two kids but they did the job they had a lot for them but it would not get any more attention

    Angelo FosterAngelo Foster5 kun oldin
  • Cory:This man is a whole creepypasta monster Maxi Miller: Am I joke to you 11:26

    Jan Victor ObañaJan Victor Obaña5 kun oldin
  • Cory: *Laughs* Me and the samurai: Ladies and gentleman, we got him.

    Atiana Green-YoungAtiana Green-Young5 kun oldin
  • Guys can u sub to my youtube channel pld

    kenntv showkenntv show5 kun oldin
  • bro I know that song but I just forgot the name 3:50

    Laura BarascuLaura Barascu5 kun oldin
  • Twomad doesn’t laugh he is built different only once

    XxCANOPYxXXxCANOPYxX5 kun oldin
  • 5:49 Warning EARAPE

    RedDevil GamesRedDevil Games5 kun oldin
  • 11:06 my mans reaction had my dying

    blackbirdblackbird6 kun oldin
  • He doesn’t laugh, he just cry’s while smiling and bouncing up and down

    Liver CrayonLiver Crayon6 kun oldin
  • Cory: *dies of laughter* Me: whats the discord meme music called?

    Naib OlolNaib Olol6 kun oldin
  • Want coffee got me.

    Red TreesRed Trees7 kun oldin
  • Sooo scary

    Panda-phsyco12 PhsycoPanda-phsyco12 Phsyco7 kun oldin
  • 11:38 heres the story he was smoking too much weed.

    Panda-phsyco12 PhsycoPanda-phsyco12 Phsyco7 kun oldin
  • Who want COXD

    Angel DUStAngel DUSt7 kun oldin
  • 7:21 😭😂

    Piedad ZavalaPiedad Zavala7 kun oldin
  • That guy laughing:ejdhdjgdjdheiheishe Ricky Ricky droo

    alexgamersniperXwolfXsavagealexgamersniperXwolfXsavage7 kun oldin
  • Coryxkenshin you are my favorite UZworldr ever

    Isaiah TateIsaiah Tate7 kun oldin
  • Hiiiiiiii Cory and momo😀😉😉

    a potatoa potato7 kun oldin
  • Well sorry Corey Kenchen that you can’t laugh

    neenafbaddneenafbadd7 kun oldin
  • No one: Literally no one: Cory: 1:02

    AnimeQweenDotWeeb RamenAnimeQweenDotWeeb Ramen7 kun oldin
  • glad u liked them my guy

  • “He threw ATHETHS?!!!!”

    Elijah PerezElijah Perez7 kun oldin
  • 6:54 man dem birds need to take a break from taco bell

    MK gaming and Mr plusherMK gaming and Mr plusher7 kun oldin
  • poker

    Robson OnedaRobson Oneda9 kun oldin

    Elizur OngElizur Ong9 kun oldin
  • He lost actually but it’s ok, he laughed like 5 times haha

    Unknown :3Unknown :39 kun oldin
  • You ever wanna laugh so bad but nothing is freaking funny

    D LeeD Lee9 kun oldin
  • What was the name of that audio at 3:27?

    Christopher DemersChristopher Demers9 kun oldin
  • That guy falls and almost breaks his back and the reaction is "damn" that takes skill And you aren't the only one with the anti-laugh disorder 6:26 does someone know what this is called (the song)

    PoorLifeDecisions420PoorLifeDecisions42010 kun oldin
    • @SaiyanKage17 7 Thanks

      PoorLifeDecisions420PoorLifeDecisions4209 kun oldin
    • Ultra instinct theme

      SaiyanKage17 7SaiyanKage17 79 kun oldin
  • I literally laughed so hard I farted

    Bobby and Eli BaileyBobby and Eli Bailey10 kun oldin
  • How bout try to laugh challenge

    Dylan’s RANDOMS!Dylan’s RANDOMS!10 kun oldin
  • Dem birds had Taco Bell

    KAPDKAPD10 kun oldin
  • 😂😂

    Yung DaggerYung Dagger10 kun oldin
  • This man is the best youtuber on UZworld

    Anime TextstoriesAnime Textstories10 kun oldin
  • tip for next try not to laugh, just show a black man slipping in the snow and there you go, you have Cory dying.

    Kimberly DavisKimberly Davis11 kun oldin
  • who else added dat person on messenger

  • the samruie has riesen when he relases he's been holding in a fart since 2013 and i'm afraid it'll wipe us out y'all

    Andrew CastroAndrew Castro11 kun oldin
  • Me: *laughing* Cory: stop Me: I CAN'T!

    Mrs. MinnsMrs. Minns11 kun oldin

    hutchison familyhutchison family11 kun oldin
  • 5:49😂😂

    elite_beast2233elite_beast223311 kun oldin
  • Cory doesn't realise that there is someone that can't laugh at anything.. THATS ME!!!

    Sami SunnarborgSami Sunnarborg11 kun oldin
  • who els started diein at 15:47 XD XD

    Austin PickensAustin Pickens12 kun oldin
  • When the guy hits his head it is so funny 🤣 😆

    Daniel PalomoDaniel Palomo12 kun oldin
  • 3:50

    King spencerKing spencer12 kun oldin
  • Cory: I don't laugh. Me: 2:04 what was that a chuckle? huh?

    Theodore DuclosTheodore Duclos12 kun oldin
  • His laugh tho

    ScalezScalez12 kun oldin
  • Listen wise men words DOES ANYBODY WANT" COFFEE"

    lil_ choppa07lil_ choppa0712 kun oldin
  • Wowwwww allways says im the chosen hahahahaha laugjl

    Husna MwendaHusna Mwenda12 kun oldin
  • cory got an ugly laugh

    Abel CastAbel Cast13 kun oldin
  • Had me crying 4:17

    Daddy DavisDaddy Davis13 kun oldin