I'M SCREAMING.. THIS GAME IS A MASTERPIECE. | Streets of Rage 4 Gameplay

30-Apr, 2020
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I haven't been so hype playing a game in YEARS! WELCOME, to Streets of Rage 4.
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  • cory i am 12 and know streets of rage i played all of them before i even learned how to read and thats on foenem

    Ty'zaun MurphyTy'zaun MurphySoat oldin
  • Commissioner wasn't going.

    S antiniS antini3 soat oldin
  • 15:31 Best part of the video. 🤣🤣🤣

    Susheel BadhanSusheel Badhan7 soat oldin
  • I'm a youngin my first console was a genius

    antonio herronantonio herron12 soat oldin
  • I liked Adam in SOR. Max in 2. Axel in 3. Great games. Better than Final Fight imo.

    Iceman691984Iceman69198412 soat oldin
  • you should play super fancy pants

    Saul EllisSaul Ellis13 soat oldin
  • 14:08 lmao

    Tayo AdejuwonTayo Adejuwon21 soat oldin
  • i hit the like too

    Omar SingletonOmar SingletonKun oldin
  • your the best coryxkenshin the best i sad

    Omar SingletonOmar SingletonKun oldin
  • You lost me when you said three was your favorite out of the trilogy

    Aaron9Aaron92 kun oldin
  • You got your hands in your pocket, wat you got kicks or something, to bad we are not going to see them, then gets kick the fuck up🤦🤣

    thug lifethug life3 kun oldin
  • i got one

    Jeremy VasquezJeremy Vasquez3 kun oldin
  • Cory, if you ever can...PLEASE FINISH THIS GAME FOR US!! I love this game so much, I grew up on Streets of Rage too!! I have all 4 games downloaded on my Xbox One and it is just amazing!! One of the best classics ever!

    こなかわいいこなかわいい4 kun oldin
  • Hey CoryxKenshin I’m a big fan I’m a kid name Joshua RAMIREZ so that green that your witness

    Amy RamirezAmy Ramirez4 kun oldin
  • when the new update of streets of rage 4 comes up 0:03

    RobloxGamerboyRobloxGamerboy4 kun oldin
  • That beat was on fire

    King David CallowayKing David Calloway5 kun oldin
  • Thanks Cory my name is axell with double L hehehehe

    Allan BalilingAllan Baliling5 kun oldin
  • Recently beat this game a couple of weeks ago and I agree this game is badass. Took me down memory lane back to my childhood in the early 90s playing SOR 1-3 on Sega Genesis. I love the 90's flavor soundtrack and comic graphics. To see Adam, Axel, Blaze, Shiva and Max on this game is golden. Would love to see a Streets of Rage 5 soon and hopefully for us who was around when the first 3 games came out won't have to wait another 26 years.

    DMar MrUntouchableDMar MrUntouchable5 kun oldin
  • I had a genesis

    Emeri17 gamingEmeri17 gaming6 kun oldin
  • Can you play more Minecraft??????

    Novell JohnsonNovell Johnson6 kun oldin
  • Time to get this cobo to the neck bone XD😂😂🤣🤣

    Novell JohnsonNovell Johnson6 kun oldin
  • Glad he liked the music. Too bad he kept screaming over it. We all turned down the volume for this.

    Andrew ArbogastAndrew Arbogast6 kun oldin
  • I want a part two of streets of rage 4

    Amari HartAmari Hart6 kun oldin
  • You take your cartridge, you spit in it, and then put it in the console... Haha, we all did it :) And get this - INSTANT loading!

    Legendary HamsterLegendary Hamster7 kun oldin
  • Frecking music at 0:16 bro its lit

    JaydthegamerJaydthegamer7 kun oldin
  • Cherry is Adams daughter , and Floyd is a New character.

    Vanessa ArmourVanessa Armour7 kun oldin
  • My neck broke from head bobbing to this music

    Green The MilitantGreen The Militant7 kun oldin
  • I love that character select intro

    TNTGameZ The OriginalTNTGameZ The Original7 kun oldin
  • This channel is amazing proper good vibes, a like and a subscribe from me bro.

    Shaun BrownShaun Brown7 kun oldin

    Camren DejeanCamren Dejean8 kun oldin

    Camren DejeanCamren Dejean8 kun oldin

    Camren DejeanCamren Dejean8 kun oldin

    Camren DejeanCamren Dejean8 kun oldin

    Camren DejeanCamren Dejean8 kun oldin

    Camren DejeanCamren Dejean8 kun oldin

    Camren DejeanCamren Dejean8 kun oldin

    Camren DejeanCamren Dejean8 kun oldin

    Camren DejeanCamren Dejean8 kun oldin

    Camren DejeanCamren Dejean8 kun oldin
  • Lol his reaction to his C 12:22

    Ashton MeadowsAshton Meadows8 kun oldin
  • I was born in 2007 i dont remember when gears of war came out but i remember playing the crap out of it i still play old games like that...it brings back alot of memories lol

    the ghost of harambethe ghost of harambe9 kun oldin
  • Love this review man, great video mang. That blowing into the cartridge tho!

    ernesto_g_sfcernesto_g_sfc9 kun oldin
  • I beat the whole game with my lil sister it’s worth it💯

    Davontae StewartDavontae Stewart10 kun oldin
  • You hear this music!!! 🌚

    Asif A. AliAsif A. Ali10 kun oldin
  • Part 2 bro?

    Joshua RoweJoshua Rowe10 kun oldin
  • My real life name is Donovan so to see him destroy people named Donovan hurts me

    HorrorLovesBreadsticksHorrorLovesBreadsticks10 kun oldin
  • We need a new final fight

    horacechin1horacechin110 kun oldin
  • I’m glad they made this more like streets of rage 2. I was hesitant of getting this game but I definitely am now

    JermJerm11 kun oldin
  • I hated blowing into to the cartridges to put it in

    japanese deerjapanese deer11 kun oldin
  • " Call me rock lee I open up the 8th Gate"

    Jai WallaceJai Wallace12 kun oldin
  • So when’s part two

    Happypotato49Happypotato4912 kun oldin
  • Oh and true veterans know you breath hot air into the cartridge and it works the first time for nintendo master systems. 😏 They don't let you run because of charging attack and mobility made it too easy. Alex got that Dad bod. Lol And nice juggle on the 1st stage boss.

    Silentline 7Silentline 712 kun oldin
  • When I saw the video i was like dam Cory you beat him up like the marathon

    Marc H ZamorMarc H Zamor12 kun oldin
  • i remember this game from when the classic game console came out

    sean vangsean vang12 kun oldin
  • bro is that me 2:57

    mr blazing gamingmr blazing gaming12 kun oldin
  • I got I mini Sega yesterday because it was my birthday and I like playing streets of rage 2 and I just look back on this video and it kinda reminds of myself Also zan looks like the big huge character in streets of rage 2 Sorry Floyd

    Bert RamirezBert Ramirez13 kun oldin
  • Streets Of Rage game's have the best music & soundtracks in a video games & in video games history.

    Nahida FamaNahida Fama14 kun oldin
  • Streets Of Rage 4 is my favourite game today. I grew up playing Streets Of Rage game's in my childhood.

    Nahida FamaNahida Fama14 kun oldin
  • I never knew he watched Trigun

    Weeb Time!Weeb Time!14 kun oldin
  • I haven't played it in years

    Weeb Time!Weeb Time!14 kun oldin
  • I’m only fifteen but these streets of rage games were everything to my childhood back when I had a ps3 and I had no idea this game came out. I’m so sad.

    RecycledRobotRecycledRobot15 kun oldin
  • Cory I played all of the streets of rage so I know ok my boi

    Kejah BurgessKejah Burgess15 kun oldin
  • More

    Brandon HerndonBrandon Herndon15 kun oldin
  • i wish Jack from streets of rage 2 the dude with the knives was a boss on the first level in SOR4

    Brody McCanlessBrody McCanless15 kun oldin
  • Streets of rage 4 has one of the most amazing beats in that game

    Family Of 6Family Of 616 kun oldin
  • You can unlock characters in sor 4

    Family Of 6Family Of 616 kun oldin
  • This game, Katana Zero, Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, Cup Head, Mark of the Ninja and Hades, are must have games on Switch.

    Cryptic MindCryptic Mind16 kun oldin

    Ambi WolfAmbi Wolf16 kun oldin
  • I'm 15 and that's my favorite game ever

    Landen BaldwinLanden Baldwin17 kun oldin
  • I guess screaming into the mic and blowing out people's ears via extreme audio clipping is a black person trend on the internet. It's really gotta stop. It's not funny, at all. Other than that, and the random rapping, it was an entertaining video.

    Corey DeFrancescoCorey DeFrancesco17 kun oldin
  • woah

  • I saw that fish over their

    Obunga ManObunga Man17 kun oldin
  • This music is gold

    Clayton RibeiroClayton Ribeiro18 kun oldin
  • Make more jump force I'm a fan please cory sure:

    JakereidvampyrJakereidvampyr19 kun oldin
  • When Cory says, "Everybody get up and dance with me" 12:27 Me: Dancing ٩(๑・ิᴗ・ิ)۶٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶

    Ahmay LorAhmay Lor19 kun oldin
  • We didn't have no other console will you play Genesis Sonic

    duckie Gamingduckie Gaming19 kun oldin
  • Axel looking like he been on KSI's bulking diet

    Captain RikaCaptain Rika19 kun oldin
  • Streets of rage was the sht

    DashieBOTDashieBOT20 kun oldin
  • “Y’all no have no clue”

    lolthespearlolthespear20 kun oldin
  • When the heck did Streets of Rage come back??!! Edit: 1:39 I can sooooo relate to that.

    That FanboyThat Fanboy21 kun oldin
  • You can run with that 💆

    Christina NicoleChristina Nicole21 kun oldin
  • Im black like cory

    Charlee HarveyCharlee Harvey21 kun oldin
  • I played old streets of rage and new one

    Charlee HarveyCharlee Harvey21 kun oldin
  • The intro had me sold for the whole video

    H WilsonH Wilson22 kun oldin
  • Streets of rage is one of the best games i've played

    Mythical DestroyerMythical Destroyer22 kun oldin
  • The music is awesome! It really contributes to the intensity which helps to draw you into the game even more. I love SOR4 because it reminds me of the classic best em up games that I grew up on. I didn’t play the originals until last year when I got a Genesis Mini even though I had a Genesis when I was a kid. It reminded me of games such as Batman Returns on SNES and the classic TMNT Arcade.

    John WesleyJohn Wesley22 kun oldin
  • Yeah us 80's babies know about these classic's. The good ol days.

    Roland BaronRoland Baron24 kun oldin
  • When I was ten I had that I'm twelve now but I still love old games better than the new ones

    Vitoya HodgeVitoya Hodge24 kun oldin
  • Sorry man, my SoR2 is da best. How can 3 be your fav after playing 2, naah just jocking haha I remember that in two you just could slide in the floor, not run, maybe is it possible in this one? hahaha

    Aaron DrawilAaron Drawil24 kun oldin
  • 14:05

    Jashon FinchJashon Finch25 kun oldin
  • Dang, I discovered a gold mine of a channel. I subscribed. Very entertaining. I love streets of rage 4 as well. Still think it's a masterpeice?

    TSnintendogamerTSnintendogamer25 kun oldin
  • still waiting second part :l

    Julian Alonso JGamer coolJulian Alonso JGamer cool25 kun oldin
  • We need more vids about you playing more street of rage 4. Can't wait.

    Angela HerAngela Her26 kun oldin
  • koobo you about to get slap on ye neck bone

    Shanice MarbethShanice Marbeth26 kun oldin
  • Yo one of the cops name is dick

    ninjamanzaTV yoninjamanzaTV yo27 kun oldin
  • To unlock Alex Streets of rage 3 you have to do a lot of stages to unlock Alex to unlock Blaze you have to do a lot of stages to unlock SKATE! You have to do a lot of stages to unlock Dr Zan then the last one Shuvi

    Edmond CalhounEdmond Calhoun27 kun oldin
  • You can unlock all the characters don't youse the taser then find a arcade machine to unlock Alex Streets of rage 1 you have to do a lot of stages to unlock Adam you have to do a few to unlock Blaze you have to do a few Streets of rage 2 Blaze you have to do a lot of Stages to unlock Alex you have to do a lot of stages to unlock Max you got to do a lot of stages to unlock Max to unlock Skate the last one of Streets of rage 2

    Edmond CalhounEdmond Calhoun27 kun oldin
  • Such a masterpiece

    Mili 98Mili 9827 kun oldin
  • Arcade games 💙❤️

    Mili 98Mili 9827 kun oldin
  • Love that game

    normal stördnormal störd27 kun oldin