I Need Your Help

4-Sen, 2020
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More info: tiltify.com/charity-water/one-week-for-water

  • so this is great and all but where tf are u

    Brent GilmoreBrent Gilmore9 soat oldin
  • Well...All we know theres something on this world a soul a Đ Ø Ł L killing people and the doll was you i have not info to tell yo

    Anon AnonymousAnon AnonymousKun oldin
  • Yall he hasn’t even posted in months😭😭

    Heartbroken_wolfie SadHeartbroken_wolfie SadKun oldin
  • The image of the people in Mali said a lot. How there's more dirty water than clean water. And the smiles on their faces show how they are happy they have at least some clean water than none and they have each other. God bless Cory for doing his best to help the people in Mali.❤️

    Rose-Kella SeideRose-Kella Seide4 kun oldin
  • My dad and my family and u cory

    Bunny-lovers121Bunny-lovers1214 kun oldin
  • NOT ME!

    Cotton candy the fox YTCotton candy the fox YT5 kun oldin
  • Cory is boss

    nabarnes04 savenabarnes04 save6 kun oldin
  • Play mr. President

    Ryan JamesRyan James7 kun oldin
  • we all are heroes 300k SERIOUSLY??!!

    _ Levii __ Levii _7 kun oldin

    Jalen BuchananJalen Buchanan7 kun oldin
  • I like your meaning better

    Jalen BuchananJalen Buchanan7 kun oldin
  • So sad

    Manne 56Manne 568 kun oldin
  • A definition of an hero A definition of a hero is someone who saves lives and protects pleople that’s my deftiniton

    Sweetie PieSweetie Pie8 kun oldin
  • Also, I hope Cory will reach his goal

    Aqua ShinobiAqua Shinobi9 kun oldin
  • What's the music called?

    Aqua ShinobiAqua Shinobi9 kun oldin
  • I wish I can donate! You are a hero ❤

    •Mimichi UwU••Mimichi UwU•9 kun oldin
  • Ima help. Even tho I’m late.

    「 Common 」「 Common 」9 kun oldin
  • It was my birthday on September 4

    CrossWind MinistriesCrossWind Ministries9 kun oldin
  • (*)(*)

    Jesus LopezJesus Lopez10 kun oldin
  • (“

    Jesus LopezJesus Lopez10 kun oldin
  • A hero is a 1000990 nipple

    Jay jayJay jay11 kun oldin
  • Hey dude how ya doin', not to complain but where is chapter 5 of bendy and the ink machine, I really thought you would upload but I never saw a video of chapter 5 what happened to the game is it ok? And again,Im not trying to complain.

    Linakristy DiazLinakristy Diaz12 kun oldin
  • I am so sad

    Hoodie JaiHoodie Jai14 kun oldin
  • Gyro you telling me that you going to put in a livestream where you going to spend all that money that you can possibly use to buy a Lamborghini and put on for charity

    smr autosmr auto14 kun oldin
  • all of the people that wish to have all the people who disliked this to step on a lego

    Silver SamuraiSilver Samurai15 kun oldin
  • Samurais always had poor eyesight and hearing, they saw and heard 300K.

    SєηKιTheKittySєηKιTheKitty15 kun oldin
  • the people demand a cooking with kenshin video. also, the people have decided to help.

    SunflxwerSunflxwer15 kun oldin

    brittany riverabrittany rivera16 kun oldin
  • that intro get me all the time XD

    robloxan ivoryrobloxan ivory16 kun oldin
  • Little did he know he would get a 300k blessing from the hero’s!

    ɪᴛs ɴᴏᴛ Mɪᴄᴋᴀ シɪᴛs ɴᴏᴛ Mɪᴄᴋᴀ シ17 kun oldin
  • Me

    TennilleTennille17 kun oldin
  • Corryyyyy

    Prince MiraだPrince Miraだ17 kun oldin
  • Everyone stand up. It is time for us to be HEROEEEEES!!!!! *and also sheroes can’t forget about the girls*

    MundaneMundane17 kun oldin
  • A hero is my mom. She's a nurse 😄❤

    Shaniah GalxyShaniah Galxy18 kun oldin
  • Mine is simple “Coryxkenshin”

    Ultímate HavocUltímate Havoc18 kun oldin
  • 😷😷😷😷😷✊✊✊✊✊✊

    Kevi CooperKevi Cooper19 kun oldin
  • After We Help You Cory You Help Us By Uploading hhaha

    Gabe DieGabe Die19 kun oldin
  • My definition of a hero: Subbing to Cory

    xxSemxxSem19 kun oldin
  • i was on among us w u

    Emily LazcanoEmily Lazcano21 kun oldin
  • 𓆉

    Misti ClanMisti Clan21 kun oldin
  • Who thinks Cory is a villain or if you don’t shut up Or slap your face or whatever🙄

    TTVClapz7751 _TTVClapz7751 _21 kun oldin
  • 2:28

    Lon & ALon & A22 kun oldin
  • Don’t leave or we’re going to unsubscribe!! You’re never going to reach 10 million 🙃. We all love you 👉👈🥺.

    Nathan Barrios ReyesNathan Barrios Reyes22 kun oldin
  • My school is making money for them man, MY BLACK HERO

    Elizabeth ClarkElizabeth Clark22 kun oldin
  • I swear, Cory is such a genuinely GOOD person, why can't there be more people like him in the world? 🥺

    LazuraLazura23 kun oldin
  • Everyone that disliked this video....👁👄👁

    Jeremy PascoalJeremy Pascoal23 kun oldin
  • You cory

    bad YouTuber lolbad YouTuber lol26 kun oldin
  • Maybe if you contact Mini ladd he does the thirst project

    soldierwillissoldierwillis26 kun oldin
  • A definishen of a hero is... All CoryxKenshin fans

    Bandicoot SquadBandicoot Squad26 kun oldin
  • If I had 5k I would spend it immediately FACTS! *i would tho no hesitation..*

    「Angelá 」「Angelá 」27 kun oldin
  • A hero for me is someone that its able to give their live for people that can't fight for them selfs

    Bornox HDBornox HD28 kun oldin
  • A hero fights not because he/she hates what is in front of them, but because they love what is behind them...

    Victor MorrisVictor Morris29 kun oldin
  • There’s a spooky scary Sunday

    Alligator plays With CheetahAlligator plays With CheetahOy oldin
  • Bro me and my brother watches him every time he is a hero he’s like a brother to me like I don’t know why you’re saying do you think Corey kitchen is a hero he’s already a hero

    Sans CaraSans CaraOy oldin
  • My Definition Of A Hero... Is...! : Keep going '-' c'mon slow poke! almost there! keep moving! and.... your here! just one more time! CORYXKENSHIN!

    {•iÑøţÇhãřľiXĐ•}{•iÑøţÇhãřľiXĐ•}Oy oldin
  • why does this video have no ads >:c

    PhyoGamer • 200 years agoPhyoGamer • 200 years agoOy oldin
  • the outro is literally a intro to a climax scene

    xannerxannerOy oldin
  • Me watching this 20 days later. “Well shit. Guess I missed the cut”

    Just GameJust GameOy oldin
  • dont you think youre asking a little much of your followers. sheesh

    alego 723alego 723Oy oldin
    • Well he asked enough he made more money then most people in mali in 8 hours

      Hysterical ChikeHysterical ChikeOy oldin
  • Everyone who thinks Cory is a hero \/

    ImJustAwsomeImJustAwsomeOy oldin
  • Its me offical

    Jonathan NunoJonathan NunoOy oldin
  • We need proof that money has saved lifes

    lestatlestatOy oldin
  • You

    Alygreer 10Alygreer 10Oy oldin
  • A true passionate and compassionate hero

    enjoyannoyenjoyannoyOy oldin
  • dude you steamed for 5 hours fams

    maiva pasikalemaiva pasikaleOy oldin
  • I’m sorry but I don’t have money...

    Free. 2Free. 2Oy oldin
  • Cory what you think is a hero is what I think is a hero

    Free. 2Free. 2Oy oldin
  • Who tf disliked

    BestNoobGamingBestNoobGamingOy oldin
  • i cant even follow cory

    Jah Sundiata Tehuti Sutekh LudvigJah Sundiata Tehuti Sutekh LudvigOy oldin
  • Ok, a hero sacrifices his eyes, energy, and life. Just to save people.

    Thyrone Jay ClavelThyrone Jay ClavelOy oldin
  • Would love share some sake with this guy

    Jeremiah CarlosJeremiah CarlosOy oldin
  • This is probably going to sound crazy but you're my hero

    Kiddos KidsKiddos KidsOy oldin
  • Stan Lee's definition of a hero is this "That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero." Cory is a real superhero

    TheWeirdNinjaGaming FTheWeirdNinjaGaming FOy oldin
  • help what

    Jan Yuckcell OrbitaJan Yuckcell OrbitaOy oldin
  • Ok

    JJ gamerJJ gamerOy oldin
  • Cory is my definition of hero, bravery and courage

    sanghee yesanghee yeOy oldin

    KingJaylanKingJaylanOy oldin
  • I have 1 word for this video. AMEN🙏🏽👍

    Fujin The destroyerFujin The destroyerOy oldin
  • Cory: I need yo- Everyone: Yes

    EthanEthanOy oldin
  • Cory and saitama

    KD SafeKD SafeOy oldin
  • I didn’t donate, but this was nice of you

    Apple FarmApple FarmOy oldin
  • I saved my baby brother from drowning and nobody noticed I'm not doing it for the credit you have no idea how terrified it was that's how I'm a hero

    DJcraft TVDJcraft TVOy oldin
  • I’m a kid hero when I saw a girl at school get hurt(btw she was my bully) she got hurt and she cried.I held her by the neck and screamed:TEACHERR The teacher looked at me and her I screamed:She’s hurt. The teacher ran to me and the girl. My teacher told me:Hey your a hero. I was like:wha- Teacher:you cared about your friends *me smiling with a grin* Teacher:keep doing what your doing And that’s how I am a hero.And like my comment for more stories and also I didn’t just save 1 I saved more.

    TealantTealantOy oldin
  • Google: “Hero sandwiches”

    AoriixzAoriixzOy oldin
  • Who else got the CoryxKenshin just uploaded from this video?

    WhoseBoredom OfficialWhoseBoredom OfficialOy oldin
  • My definition of hero is my dad

    Pizza LoverPizza LoverOy oldin
  • Yooo

    Tru SavageTru SavageOy oldin
  • Anyone else just get the notification for the video?

    TWKFinchTWKFinchOy oldin
  • I gotta football game tomorrow it start at 1:30 sorry man

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  • Jesus Christ is the Only One. Worthy of the Title. If you do not know that, then you Really. DO need Help.....From. Eternal. Damnation

    Max SageMax SageOy oldin
  • why would anyone dislike this video :(

    yes aldoyes aldoOy oldin
  • We all are hero’s

    NOOB_MAN.3 _DJNOOB_MAN.3 _DJOy oldin
  • What if every single one of his subs donated 1 dollar.

    GodofyesGodofyesOy oldin
  • Why am I getting this notification 6 days latrr

    That PotatoThat PotatoOy oldin
  • You sound like furious fade a little bit

    hihiOy oldin
  • The people who dislike are the people that are jealous of Cory's hero status

    Cory HaywardCory HaywardOy oldin
    • True I just got an old video that I had watched. In my recommended. He posted that vid 10 years ago. And I just got it on recommended. I'm talking about his xbox arguments video

      jean the gamerjean the gamerOy oldin
  • I love that Corey is such a caring person

    Ke'Ira O'NealKe'Ira O'NealOy oldin
  • why did i just get the notification for this :|

    Lots a Mega GamingLots a Mega GamingOy oldin
    • Legit

      Rpg NastyspongeRpg NastyspongeOy oldin
  • September 5th was my birthday cory

    Junior WtfxckingBJunior WtfxckingBOy oldin
  • Yurrrr

    Sxvior 2Sxvior 2Oy oldin