INSECTS HORROR GAME (yes, spiders too) | Grounded Gameplay

31-Iyl, 2020
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Lightly-edited Grounded gameplay. Enjoy sucka.

  • 7:25 got me dead

    Ruseell RiceRuseell RiceKun oldin
  • 🤣

    R IvieR IvieKun oldin
  • did he say jack pack

    Thot LottiThot Lotti2 kun oldin
  • Corey: ha ha ha ha your stuck 😂 Spider: 🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️breaks free , "AM I A🤫🤫 JOKE TO YOU" Coreys screen:💀💀💀💀💀

    BrazilanGaroto25 AnthonyBrazilanGaroto25 Anthony2 kun oldin
  • Tell your parents they look good

    eryn mackeryn mack4 kun oldin
  • Coryxkenshin how do you get on Grounded is it on computer on tablet

    leo contrerasleo contreras4 kun oldin
  • His parents are rlly nice his mom said 🙋‍♀️

    its _Himariits _Himari6 kun oldin
  • 12:06 that noise though XD

    Kenix2gudKenix2gud7 kun oldin
  • There so mean and a robot is not look like a wal e cause that a mean robot

    Aisaea EnriquezAisaea Enriquez7 kun oldin
  • If Ninja played this game: NERF THE SPIDERS THEY ONE SHOT YOU!!!!!

    XxSoulllessxXXxSoulllessxX11 kun oldin
  • 7:13 Cory weird

    Ashley’s Tiers of LoveAshley’s Tiers of Love11 kun oldin
  • i saw cory's parents. I have first time to see cory's parents😀😀😀😀

    Avien TadleAvien Tadle12 kun oldin
  • cory: the longer you spend watching this- its probably sold out now. me: *goes to website and looks* Website: *sold out!*

    Crystal AuraCrystal Aura13 kun oldin
  • im ordering your merch and nobody is stoping me!!!

    Crystal AuraCrystal Aura13 kun oldin
  • “Bare, Bones.”

    BlossomleafBlossomleaf13 kun oldin
  • 🐉🐲

    Luis KennedyLuis Kennedy15 kun oldin
  • Cool teach er

    Luis KennedyLuis Kennedy15 kun oldin
  • 👪👬👭🧑‍🤝‍🧑👫🌄

    Luis KennedyLuis Kennedy15 kun oldin
  • 🕷️🦋🐞🐝🦟🦗🐜🐌🐛🦂

    Luis KennedyLuis Kennedy15 kun oldin
  • best UZworldR ever coryxkenshin got them bars

    Jim JonesJim Jones15 kun oldin
  • Even if Cory doesn't edit he's still funny every time and still the best UZworld *my black samurai don't need edits to be cool 😎*

    Cindy KakanouCindy Kakanou16 kun oldin
  • Bruh I am not going to lie it is not embarrassing unless you have a whole whopping corysamerie

    Zedric WhiteZedric White18 kun oldin
  • Haaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaa 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Ian KelleyIan Kelley20 kun oldin
  • shut up

    Jace MunizJace Muniz21 kun oldin
  • This game fun i killed so many wolf spider and lady bugs

    Dave DiazDave Diaz23 kun oldin
  • I have

    Ben DickersonBen Dickerson24 kun oldin
  • Yes

    Ben DickersonBen Dickerson24 kun oldin
  • I really like it

    smj chicasmj chica24 kun oldin
  • 14:00 I LIKE YA CUT G

    Samuel JbSamuel Jb25 kun oldin

    Sapphire RosalindSapphire Rosalind25 kun oldin
  • Cory figures are so cool I wish they were free😔

    Vatasha SheltonVatasha Shelton26 kun oldin
  • YOU OK

    DaVianna BrownDaVianna Brown27 kun oldin
  • I like your video

    Jc JohnsonJc Johnson28 kun oldin
  • Cory: make me big! TAYZT: *slaps you across your face*

    Ragna YuukiRagna Yuuki29 kun oldin
  • Cory: make me big! Robot: I like ya cut g 🖐🤖

    KONO DIO DAKONO DIO DA29 kun oldin
  • I loved Antz when I was younger, that was one of my favorite movies

    NekoLexiNekoLexiOy oldin
  • Lmaooo "Orb Weaver? That sound like a Destiny 2 boss"

    Ceppy WeavesCeppy WeavesOy oldin
  • cant tell me this ain't "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" that movie was dope

    Letter BLetter BOy oldin
  • U DIED 😂

    George SimsGeorge SimsOy oldin
  • 14:00 he said ooooo I like ya cut g

    Zayden RobbZayden RobbOy oldin
  • 😂😂🤣🤣

    Monson VelazquezMonson VelazquezOy oldin
  • Stupid figure

    Monson VelazquezMonson VelazquezOy oldin
  • Like if he should play the Henry Stickmin Collection

    EroraptorEroraptorOy oldin
  • I can't "hOt dOG bIts" 4:41

    Angelise KiaraAngelise KiaraOy oldin
  • Cory if u see this can u show up on my birthday party on the 30th of October pls i love your content on your vids and my address is planfeld.15308 south Frances drive in Illinois

    jflight001jflight001Oy oldin
  • Max and cory gotta be brothers

    I was in electric doing tasksI was in electric doing tasksOy oldin
  • 1:00 to Cory trying to tell something but he can't i don't know 😂🤣

    LORD BEERUS GOD of DestructionLORD BEERUS GOD of DestructionOy oldin
  • Anyone else got reminded of honey i shrunk the kids?

    LiNdSay SaNdOvAlLiNdSay SaNdOvAlOy oldin
  • Cory: Haha you got stuck Spider: Are you sure about that?

    Turner KoproskiTurner KoproskiOy oldin
  • 14:00 2020 in a nutshell

    josh Jacklinjosh JacklinOy oldin
  • a bug’s life>> antz

    Ximena 17Ximena 17Oy oldin
  • You are the best youtuber

    Carlos BrownCarlos BrownOy oldin
  • What do i have to do to get one save one for me

    Carlos BrownCarlos BrownOy oldin
  • Spider: gets stuck* Cory: HA YOU GOT STUCK meh: you should not say that. Spider:gets unstuck* Cory:OOP

    Derrianah BentonDerrianah BentonOy oldin
  • Hey this is your little sister speaking my older sister is scared of spiders

    Derrianah BentonDerrianah BentonOy oldin
  • this is literally honey i shrunk the kids... they has to whole xray lazer machine and everything

    Riniah LeeRiniah LeeOy oldin
  • Bro you need to keep playing this game, this game awesome, at least for a few video until you explore everything

    Ibrahim Al GhaziIbrahim Al GhaziOy oldin
  • For the first video of your's I've watched, this was fun. I really did enjoy it. Also, I have both A Bug's Life and Antz on VHS.

    Draconic DuelistDraconic DuelistOy oldin
  • I have Watched Antz many times and i was born in 2011, do the math. how old am I? lol

    VOiD69 _VOiD69 _Oy oldin

    Cooldame123Cooldame123Oy oldin
  • "Y'all wasn't even alive yet" Bruh, I used to watch A Bug's Life over and over when I was little. Antz was good too. Okay, mid writing of this comment and I looked up when they came out -- I was born that year in the month between those 2 movies release months. Damn they old af.

    PlazTMPlazTMOy oldin
  • 😑😑😑😂😂😂😂😂😂. Cory

    Ethylene DavisEthylene DavisOy oldin

    Mindless the MemeMindless the MemeOy oldin
  • Your parents seem so nice

    brat !brat !Oy oldin
  • Ay whish if corykenshine figure is in philipines

    Ema DeborjaEma DeborjaOy oldin
  • hopefuly berlezy dont see you hitting his girl

    Lisa BayounneLisa BayounneOy oldin
  • umm if you see this theres a nother litle nightmares

    Shantelle HenleyShantelle HenleyOy oldin
  • Double cheeked up

    Jahzara AlexanderJahzara AlexanderOy oldin
  • turn up your volume cory realized his life was over 15:46 also cory i you see this coryx comments please

    Dr. NightmarreDr. NightmarreOy oldin
  • you should play this with kubz scouts/ jay that would epic

    Daya OttleyDaya OttleyOy oldin
  • Can you tell your parents that I said " Hi!"

    Shonette WheelerShonette WheelerOy oldin
  • 3:58 saving where I left off

    EurophivaEurophivaOy oldin
  • 13:57 has to be my fav

    MR G H 0 S TMR G H 0 S TOy oldin
  • That spider tho... hell naw

    CheRobinsonReactsCheRobinsonReactsOy oldin
  • Coryxkenhin: “they can here me” Me: “but you have a sound proof wall”

    VB gamingVB gamingOy oldin
  • 14:00 i like ya cut g

    infinity gamezinfinity gamezOy oldin
  • press U

    richard edgarrichard edgarOy oldin
  • 🤮🤮🤮

    Arctic & PandaArctic & PandaOy oldin
    • ?

      Tonya MichaelsonTonya Michaelson27 kun oldin
  • 0:42 I dont blame you

    Hunter ShoemakerHunter ShoemakerOy oldin
  • If you know the game he talkin about you could eat jelly beans😂

    OneshotOneshotOy oldin
  • Cory: Make me big. Tayz.t: Slap! Me: He just got pimp slapped.👋😆 I'm laughing so hard right now that I'm actually crying. And than he was silent for a few seconds.😂🤣

    Adrienne SowellAdrienne SowellOy oldin

    Kittystarplayz 111Kittystarplayz 111Oy oldin
  • Yah it In there

    Damian UrzuaDamian UrzuaOy oldin
  • i wanted that cory youtooz and he kept saying click the link in the description and i kept saying “i dont got no money i cant”

    AdamAdamOy oldin
  • I played grounded the day after it got released and also I played as willow 🤣🤣🤣

    psychic Gamerpsychic GamerOy oldin
  • Q: who recognizes what movie this is based on? A: The movie "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" Notice the size ray? 3:27 Edit: I watched a little longer then realized that Cory points it out lol I should've waited

  • Max sounded like corry

    Montgomery HowellMontgomery HowellOy oldin
  • more with the gang

    Jagger MugaveroJagger MugaveroOy oldin
  • No one: Corey: “oh I just punched a computer”

    Emma McmurrayEmma McmurrayOy oldin
  • I just honestly love his energy

    Tauna JefferyTauna JefferyOy oldin
  • Cory: " click the link" Me: "sorry i don't have money ;w;

    CyanCyanOy oldin
  • Cory 12:19 ANTZ was my movie bro

    Lil GLil GOy oldin
  • 13:13 💀

    ウィーブかわいいウィーブかわいいOy oldin

    ウィーブかわいいウィーブかわいいOy oldin
  • cory: ha you got stuck spider: *omae wa mou shinderiu*

    yes yesyes yesOy oldin
  • Max sounds like younger Cory

    JudahgamesJudahgamesOy oldin
  • LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣??

    Clarimar SotoClarimar SotoOy oldin
  • 0:01 *That Scream Tho*

    DustedZ_ StudiosDustedZ_ StudiosOy oldin
  • This dude says I like her conves but Max got the same hair as him.

    Robyn IsraelRobyn IsraelOy oldin
  • Dude that feedback thing if you pause it at 15:43

    Edith EkekeEdith EkekeOy oldin