only playing this game for the JOEL flashbacks | The Last of Us 2 (Part 3)

26-Iyl, 2020
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Every single last person present in THAT basement is on my hit list.
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Outro By: - Animation
KrpticUnknown - Beat


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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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  • Wow it’s really been two months since we asked and we are only half way there

    ReallyBadTunesReallyBadTunes2 soat oldin
  • Sorry Cory, but you're missing out on one hell of a game

    Wholesome MuttWholesome Mutt11 soat oldin
  • True

    Kitty UnicorniaKitty Unicornia20 soat oldin

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  • Bruh we ain’t even at 200k likes??!! It’s so easy just slice that like button

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  • Guys 2 million views and yall still can't get 200k likes bruh

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  • More last of us play last of us for 4 hours because joel comes back to life I promise and I swear

    Debbie MDebbie MKun oldin
  • Bruh it’s been 2 months post part 4 sucka

    Ep_XotticEp_XotticKun oldin
  • we just need 55k more, come on guys!

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  • guys please like the video

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  • Come on guys were i the 200k likes 😫😫

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  • Get this vid to 200k likes I want to see another vid of this game, I think we all do

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  • just need 5 more likes

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    • hosea be quiet you dead remember

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    • Uhm no

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  • 2 Months later still hasn’t reach 200k likes

    JZ Games23JZ Games235 kun oldin
  • I just beat the game so I'm watching his perspective.

    Dylan AndrewDylan Andrew5 kun oldin
  • Please finish this its an emotional game but I know you can get through the it, we don't call you the shogun for nothing especially after all the times that all of us have been through.

    Dylan AndrewDylan Andrew5 kun oldin
  • please another part

    TheGamerGuy YTTheGamerGuy YT5 kun oldin
  • Can you guys like I want him to play the game again and I miss diner😢😢

    H20 delirious fan SbbsH20 delirious fan Sbbs6 kun oldin
  • :)

    ellaunoiaellaunoia6 kun oldin
  • I do have money don't make fun of me

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  • My man ain't even making spooky scary sunday either (i almost typed spooky scary skeletons lol)

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  • Wait how can i go to your house if i don't have any money

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  • I played through the whole first game and dont have enough money to get the second FORGET THE LIKES MAKE THE VIDEO BEFORE I FLY TO YOU YOUR HOUSE AND WHAP YOU 13 TIMES SO HARD YOU BE WALKING LIKE A STICK

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    • currently waiting

      MyMyMyMy2 kun oldin
  • Im constantly banging my head on wall and doing splits on legos GIVE US THE LIKES

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  • Y’all LIKE FOR PART 4!!

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  • Everybody n the room get double tapped

    Lay LayreeeLay Layreee7 kun oldin
  • please we need to get this to 200k stop playing

    Ari willyAri willy7 kun oldin
  • I´m sad ... He doesn´t finished what he started:(... Last of us is a special game for me, just like Cory is a special person to me... I hope he would had finished it.. I wanted him to guide me trough this game... Guess I have no other option.. I wont watch other youubers..

    Lost_Places _GlobalLost_Places _Global7 kun oldin
  • cory PLEASE make another video on this game!!! PLEASE!!!! tell these fools to like the vid!

    Karla HernandezKarla Hernandez7 kun oldin
  • I need that part 4 my boa I really wanna see you kill Abby avenge Joel once and for all 👌🏾for the samurai and for Joel Senpai 😭

    Miamiboy GeoMiamiboy Geo7 kun oldin
  • Can we please get these likes up, like i really want to see this play out

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  • I thought this video had more likes

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  • you promised to countinue

    ellie taking a break from uploadingellie taking a break from uploading8 kun oldin
  • if you coryxkenshin then you should slicen that like button fam

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  • more last of us 2

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  • Corey can you please just make part 4 I’m dying because I don’t want to watch anyone else’s gameplay😭😭😭😭😭

    bmillhornbmillhorn9 kun oldin
  • Play more last of us!😡

    Nip tipNip tip10 kun oldin
  • life is strange game coryxkenshin

    Lesly DesirLesly Desir10 kun oldin
  • hope you finish this if you can cory 💕💕

    gfriend enthusiastgfriend enthusiast10 kun oldin
  • Hey Cory X Kenshin I know it been 2 months but can we please see another episode of The Last of Us please and R.I.P Joel

    Kiara YancyKiara Yancy11 kun oldin
    • right

      MyMyMyMy2 kun oldin
  • Coryxkeshin make more last of us now

    Ryan ARyan A11 kun oldin
  • Bruh weres the rest

    Baguetes FrancesasBaguetes Francesas12 kun oldin
  • I wonder how long it’ll take for people to realize that maybe that people don’t want him to keep going through the pain of this game

    Brandon FarleyBrandon Farley12 kun oldin
  • I am begging you to bring this series back PLEASE

    Alex FliptasticAlex Fliptastic12 kun oldin
  • Can we get part 4???

    Joffrey BledsoeJoffrey Bledsoe13 kun oldin
  • There should be 200K likes so you can make part 4

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  • Can we get a part 4

  • 3:13

    xmanVALxmanVAL13 kun oldin
  • Plz 400k do it NOW

    lildudeboi mananalildudeboi manana13 kun oldin
  • What’s really crazy is the fact that Cory has over 7 million subscribers, over 1million views, but only 154K likes. Y’all buggin

    Joy SmithJoy Smith14 kun oldin
  • This is a good spot to stop cory. The rest is just straight garbo 🗑

    DKsaNn KatDKsaNn Kat15 kun oldin
    • 😂😂

      Chris CemersierChris Cemersier10 kun oldin
  • the cliff hanger you left us on tho!!!😱plz do another one!

    O1iveO1l_76 PoopyO1iveO1l_76 Poopy15 kun oldin
  • the fact cory told the dog "I tried to told ya!" is so funny to me naturally I would've been upset but cory really makes anything funny

    Veronica RojasVeronica Rojas15 kun oldin
  • Where the part 4

    jalen latnjalen latn15 kun oldin
  • Bro finish the sieries

    Darren CampDarren Camp15 kun oldin
  • 40:56 The Umbrella Academy in a nutshell

    bezeani88bezeani8815 kun oldin
  • Man two months later and we still on 154k likes c'mon guys we need part 4

    Mzwakhe LaSeanMzwakhe LaSean15 kun oldin
  • When she found the guitar the 2nd time @26:40 and Cory said don't make me do this again, next clip is ellie playing and Cory's face lmfaooo

    Evelson NestorEvelson Nestor16 kun oldin
  • Yo can we get the last 46k likes so he releases the next episode? He obviously has more recorded.

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  • I’ma make 50,000 alt account to get 200,000 likes in this

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  • Do part 4

    Elie ChakhtouraElie Chakhtoura16 kun oldin
  • We not at 200k likes 😔 I guess no part 4

    Nicholas HernandezNicholas Hernandez17 kun oldin
    • Nicholas Hernandez this was mad 3 months ago. He definitely finished it off camera, trust me.

      Sole ZuluッSole Zuluッ16 kun oldin
    • Sole Zuluッ he just waiting for us

      Nicholas HernandezNicholas Hernandez16 kun oldin
    • I got a feeling Cory finished the game off camera 100%

      Sole ZuluッSole Zuluッ16 kun oldin
  • I guess he said he done.... NEXT 😂

    Christine ScottChristine Scott17 kun oldin
  • Me knowing there's never gonna be 200k likes

    Phil KillPhil Kill18 kun oldin
  • Ware is part 4 CORY!!!

    ElixkenshinElixkenshin18 kun oldin
    • @SRT_RenezHyper My bad I’m stupid

      ElixkenshinElixkenshin17 kun oldin
    • Bro do you not see the likes it hasn't hit 200k

      SRT_RenezHyperSRT_RenezHyper18 kun oldin

    Azzhar IzzuddinAzzhar Izzuddin18 kun oldin
  • Why people aren't liking the video??? Don't u guys Wana see how Cory plays through the whole game?

    Anas MDAnas MD19 kun oldin
  • Where’s part 4🥺

    Kiiingtj _Kiiingtj _19 kun oldin
  • How do you fix the radio I put some batteries in there like if you get it

    Faythe WillisFaythe Willis19 kun oldin
  • Bro just upload the rest of it OMGGGG 😭

    Sam ASam A19 kun oldin
    • I think he learned that they a bit of a scene a love scene if you know what I mean 😉

      ellie taking a break from uploadingellie taking a break from uploading19 kun oldin
  • ok so i agree with some of yall, what joel did was selfish, but imo I would like the game if they gave us an option at the ending

    KashKirby12KashKirby1219 kun oldin
  • Hopefully The Walking Dead makes another series even though they said that would be the last one hopefully not

    Tpoto GameingTpoto Gameing20 kun oldin

    Prin DQPrin DQ20 kun oldin
  • Ok i lost my hope in this play through

    Hesam NajafiHesam Najafi20 kun oldin
  • cory please :((( i don’t want to watch anyone else play this game.. love you

    Haven BrokawHaven Brokaw20 kun oldin

    XxWistfulGuyxXXxWistfulGuyxX21 kun oldin
  • 21:31 “oh my gosh she’s freakin dead” I think I had a stroke I was laughing so hard😂😂

    Victoria RochaVictoria Rocha21 kun oldin
  • have you played red dead redemption 1 and 2 Cory because you seem to know a lot about Arthur and John

    Brenden GoldBrenden Gold21 kun oldin
  • Where part 4

    h2o_garcia 13h2o_garcia 1321 kun oldin
  • I didn't finish last of us

    Shawn PenmanShawn Penman21 kun oldin
  • I want last of us!!

    Nemical BSNemical BS21 kun oldin
  • Make a new episode

    OrainneJOrainneJ21 kun oldin
  • The car scene brings back a lot of memories from Last of Us

    Toxik_Holy2k -_-Toxik_Holy2k -_-21 kun oldin
  • Oooooo boy you don't wanna mess

    Murpho LoopoMurpho Loopo22 kun oldin
  • Cory you are gonna.......regret

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  • If we aren't at 200k likes in a month

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  • I check every few weeks

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  • So we still aren't at 200k likes huh

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  • i would still like to see a part 4

    Alisdair WoodwardAlisdair Woodward22 kun oldin
  • The last video didn’t even reached 250k likes

    Shadow JakenShadow Jaken22 kun oldin
  • Imagine having a t-Rex as your pet in a zombie apocalypse

    The gaming TravelerThe gaming Traveler22 kun oldin
  • Plz finish

    Hunter LakesHunter Lakes22 kun oldin
  • Guys ffs. I'm pretty sure even if this gets 200k he ain't gonna continue this game because, it's shit.

    TobiTobi23 kun oldin
    • Games not shit

      The Owl GangThe Owl Gang19 kun oldin
  • I'm pretty sure there's a reason why this video hasn't gotten to 200k yet😂

    Andrew KnowlesAndrew Knowles23 kun oldin

    Maya WaldonMaya Waldon24 kun oldin
  • Did you even play Red Dead 1 and 2 on camera?

    Brooklin BunnBrooklin Bunn24 kun oldin
  • Bro wtf it’s 2 months later get him to 200k like bro I jus wanna see part 4

    N ToombsN Toombs25 kun oldin
  • This video is gonna get 200k like in one year no last of us for a year or more 😔😔😔

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