3-May, 2019
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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.
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  • I mean2020

    Nery LinaresNery Linares22 soat oldin
  • He’s cool in 2920

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  • F Im sleep tho he said his crackhead cousin Ponic

    Jack harrisJack harrisKun oldin
  • May 3rd 2019 who in 2020 going back into the past to where this video was posted just to get away from /(The Coronavirus)\(Loss :-() But here you go anyway F+

    Nikki MontgomeryNikki Montgomery2 kun oldin
  • You mean sonics crack head cousin chronic

    K DK D2 kun oldin
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    Ampy WampyAmpy Wampy2 kun oldin
  • In part of the trailer when ponic opened his eyes wide that's him after him doing his crack

    Ampy WampyAmpy Wampy2 kun oldin
  • Nobody: ........... Sonic Fans: whos ponic?

    frxtyy_frxtyy_2 kun oldin

    olive treeolive tree2 kun oldin
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    HAZYBEAR 88HAZYBEAR 882 kun oldin
  • Maaan...I hate to say this but...the old sonic looks like a rat...sorry 😔😔😔

    Israel TaylorIsrael Taylor2 kun oldin
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  • bro cory why are the fan made you watch this this is stupid

    Dominic SawyerDominic Sawyer3 kun oldin
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  • Cinimasins cory 😂

    MumbaMumba3 kun oldin
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  • If he that fast how you get hit by the dart? -Coryxkenshin 2019

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    Diamond Knight Stream ClipsDiamond Knight Stream Clips3 kun oldin
  • When he said *Ponic* I sure it was the chance for any developer to make a new sonice errrr PONIC!! Character XD.

    Kawaii Frost The Neko/Angel/Kawaii Frost The Neko/Angel/4 kun oldin

    Easton SuttonEaston Sutton4 kun oldin
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    soraya Tchakamsoraya Tchakam5 kun oldin
  • The original concept of the sonic movie was real terrible. But now they redesigned him. Thank god. Btw cory, u make good videos. keep up good work :)

    Lincoln BennettLincoln Bennett5 kun oldin
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  • me in 2020: it gets fixed

    Liam HenleyLiam Henley7 kun oldin
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    itzgacha1800charlieitzgacha1800charlie7 kun oldin
  • 3:32 he got the puns like sans

    itzgacha1800charlieitzgacha1800charlie7 kun oldin

    it's Ya girl_ Renit's Ya girl_ Ren7 kun oldin
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    S.Ҝ.I.D THΣ CLΩΠΣS.Ҝ.I.D THΣ CLΩΠΣ9 kun oldin
  • wtf

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    Kewan NetserKewan Netser9 kun oldin
  • 4:40 who the hell is Ponic

    Stella MeelaStella Meela9 kun oldin
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      Stella MeelaStella Meela9 kun oldin
  • Going through peberty 0:11

    Christian PitkinChristian Pitkin9 kun oldin

    Brice HutchinsonBrice Hutchinson9 kun oldin
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    Wildin With KaiWildin With Kai9 kun oldin
  • 8:43 Detective Pikachu

    Ivin VatesIvin Vates9 kun oldin
  • Why in the world would he put the hair in his mouth!?

    Lilkitty2000Lilkitty20009 kun oldin
  • sonic is better 2020 but 2020 is worse than the sonic 2019

    Duncan KinyanjuiDuncan Kinyanjui9 kun oldin
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  • The dislike people are the people who likes the cringey trailer.......

    Sriram Marthi 4 lifeSriram Marthi 4 life10 kun oldin
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  • F for my boi Sonic

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  • im tryna say

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  • what i like sonic 😘

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  • This is sonic's crackhead cousin ponic

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  • They made a remake of it and it’s way better

    Jada ThompsonJada Thompson12 kun oldin
  • is. Sonic

    hermenegildo malundohermenegildo malundo12 kun oldin
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    Amaree WilliamsonAmaree Williamson13 kun oldin
  • bruh

    NYC CHNYC CH13 kun oldin
  • Why not jack black then jim carrey

    NYC CHNYC CH13 kun oldin
  • Sonic he's so freaking a findom

    Christina simms1Christina simms113 kun oldin
    • Songs messed up in this movie

      Christina simms1Christina simms113 kun oldin
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    Walker Williams - Rigs Of Rods: The Long GameWalker Williams - Rigs Of Rods: The Long Game13 kun oldin
  • Im watching this in 2020 ;w; this video is just so funny to me especiali when Cory laugh XD

    Nihed FitouriNihed Fitouri13 kun oldin
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