YOU'RE NOT MY DAD | Ghost of Tsushima (Part 6)

7-Avg, 2020
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Wait... Jin Shimura!???
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KrpticUnknown - Beat


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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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  • Cory:all rise! Me: *in the car* how the frick am I suppose to get up ;-;

    Mari Blue GamerMari Blue Gamer10 soat oldin
  • Why my boy camera always dying

    Jaleel DavidsonJaleel Davidson14 soat oldin

    iStolenAgeraXpiStolenAgeraXpKun oldin
  • 17:31

    Animelover LightingFoxAnimelover LightingFoxKun oldin
  • I 3> this game

    Phillip HillPhillip Hill2 kun oldin
  • what is that beat at 9:10 ? Does anyone know?

    Rahfee DyerRahfee Dyer3 kun oldin
  • I need this game so badly but sadly i don't have the money :(

    alexanderhamilton alexanderhamiltonalexanderhamilton alexanderhamilton3 kun oldin
  • Cool Video dude. Keep up the good work

    C JayC Jay4 kun oldin
  • “Taka is idiot” -Cory 🤣🤣🤣

    4k Deluxe4k Deluxe5 kun oldin
  • I like Jin's sense of humor. It isn't often but it shows he's got a sharp wit.

    artisallthatartisallthat7 kun oldin
  • *cory* Don’t worry about it sweat heart *ME* STEALS MY COUSINS INVISALINE (two days later) *my cousin* hey dude were is my invisiline * me* DONT WORRY ABOUT IT SWEATHEART DONT WORRY

    zasboii6412zasboii64127 kun oldin
  • Come on Cory finish the game please looking forward to it

    prometheus smithprometheus smith8 kun oldin
  • The more I listen to jin's voice..Its kinda H o t--

    Sienna TanSienna Tan9 kun oldin
  • oh yaa

    sir stickman mesir stickman me10 kun oldin
  • 33:04 he called it.

    The FirelyThe Firely11 kun oldin
  • Cory: A New Horizon Also Cory: I Call Verizon Cat: YEET Me: XD

    Nate BuchananNate Buchanan11 kun oldin
  • 0:47 I thought he said “titty” 💀

    corys left toecorys left toe11 kun oldin
  • Lord Shimura: Kill the strongest, Jin And Shimura: continues to kill the weak ones

    Linda HowellLinda Howell13 kun oldin
  • Who else died of laughter when Cory edited norio saying “im very Hungary”

    Linda HowellLinda Howell13 kun oldin
  • you said you would get back to the mad person on the roof

    Karen ZeoKaren Zeo13 kun oldin
  • adachi's death gets me every time

    Deadles PlaysDeadles Plays14 kun oldin
  • 33:02 was wondering where you were

    joejoe16 kun oldin
  • Did u open birthday gifts

    Siimply moonSiimply moon17 kun oldin
  • Where ep 7?

    jayROCK:]jayROCK:]17 kun oldin
  • That man is a beast and OP dang Sora

    zeron franklinzeron franklin17 kun oldin
  • Cory idk if you know this but that bandana you're wearing was worn by the Japanese Kamikaze in WWII. I'm not hating, just a bit of fun facts for ya. Much love

    The DrawasaurusThe Drawasaurus18 kun oldin
  • whats the song on 9:10

    iiheart. liyahiiheart. liyah18 kun oldin
  • Lord Shimura: Kill their strongest first! 18:58 *That dog must have been the deadliest dog in the world*

    BL0XKIDBL0XKID19 kun oldin
  • Don’t leave or we’re going to unsubscribe!! You’re never going to reach 10 million 🙃. We all love you 👉👈🥺.

    Nathan Barrios ReyesNathan Barrios Reyes22 kun oldin
  • part 7 WHEN?

    qwerty10wqwerty10w22 kun oldin
  • he slammed the door in his face😂 drunk ass

    Qrystian SandovalQrystian Sandoval22 kun oldin
  • cory we got 250 likes wers part 7? did you lie to us

    Nathan SimeonNathan Simeon23 kun oldin
  • That dog doe 😳😳

    Linn DelzerLinn Delzer24 kun oldin
  • am i the only human on this planet that has realized that this is Cory's 1500th VIDEO!?

    TwigzTwigz25 kun oldin
  • that covid mask tho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Malishka QuinnyMalishka Quinny25 kun oldin
  • That hat dont go with that fit

    Nitsua NomrahNitsua Nomrah26 kun oldin
  • okok il stand up but one thing YOUR NOT MY DAD

    botw godhuman19botw godhuman1926 kun oldin
  • cory: ALL RISE} people with broken legs: CORY I CANT MOVE!!!!!!} Cory. RISE UP} people with broken legs: 'levitate" AAAAA!!!

    Lara ArndtLara Arndt27 kun oldin
  • Every time they say Shogun im waiting too see the Shotty for your body In this game. Edit: 31:03 I said I AM THE GHOST And then at 31:05 UGH! LIT!

    Marius BossMarius BossOy oldin
  • Cory: all rise. Crippled samurai:Every broken

    Breece MillerBreece MillerOy oldin
  • hello master kenshin

    Kekainalu KihanoKekainalu KihanoOy oldin
  • Goro: eh, This is my home *slams door* Cory: Why you slam the door in my face


  • Sup Cory,i don think u'll see this,but if u do,i would really like to know smth relating ur vids. How long does it take to edit them and do u take breaks between?!

    Mark StarMark StarOy oldin
  • Bro he ain’t playing on lethal. I play on hard and he’s doing 10x more damage than I did.

    Logan GomezLogan GomezOy oldin
  • You should try "A Plague Tale: innocence"

    Jack StemlerJack StemlerOy oldin
  • We’re is jins mother?

    XIao LiXIao LiOy oldin
  • 5:40 Ad: With new NASM edge you can do all kinds of workouts

    Mrdonteatsocks KidsMrdonteatsocks KidsOy oldin
  • Cory chill😀🙃🙂

    DaShun ReevesDaShun ReevesOy oldin
  • *When the shogun says all rise he really means it* 😾

  • 1:55 my voice has left the chat

    Mehkia AsangmbengMehkia AsangmbengOy oldin
  • When are you ganna do the next part for ghost of tsunima

    Angel RaudaAngel RaudaOy oldin

    Reigle Studio'stylorReigle Studio'stylorOy oldin
  • who also stands up?

    Reigle Studio'stylorReigle Studio'stylorOy oldin
  • where are u serving? Bugerking 🤣

    Bankbouy LaostaBankbouy LaostaOy oldin
  • yo my man- i feel bad for laughing but my girls dead dog's name is sparky and im just watching cory fuckin JACK an arrow into a whole pug

    Peter il batteristaPeter il batteristaOy oldin
  • 33:05

    Producer AirKaiProducer AirKaiOy oldin
  • Lol jima uncle was always a nerd

    Jojo's Awkward AdventureJojo's Awkward AdventureOy oldin
  • 0:53 Instrumental please

    Young EvoYoung EvoOy oldin
  • Is it just me or do the dogs look more like sheep

    Jace Frost-HudzikJace Frost-HudzikOy oldin
  • "Where do you serve?" "Burger King" xD

    Warrior UnicornWarrior UnicornOy oldin
  • 18:47 just saving where I left off :)

    EurophivaEurophivaOy oldin

    James R. Bosngon Jr.James R. Bosngon Jr.Oy oldin
  • 8:57 just saving where I left off :)

    EurophivaEurophivaOy oldin
  • Cory:All rise Kids in wheelchairs:😰😢

    Caleb CruzCaleb CruzOy oldin
  • Every one when taka died DAMMMN

    TankersTankersOy oldin
  • I laughed when Cory said he had that quickdraw perk

    David SnevetsDavid SnevetsOy oldin
  • when he said all rise my paraplegic cousin stood up :|

    Nico HammondNico HammondOy oldin
  • F In the chat for the paraplegic samurais 😔

    Ben HendersonBen HendersonOy oldin
    • ♿️♿️♿️Still gotta slice that like button tho

      Ben HendersonBen HendersonOy oldin
  • I didn't know po was in this game

    Micdee08 PlaysMicdee08 PlaysOy oldin
  • SSS. Too bad

    Dreya DanielDreya DanielOy oldin
  • Big boy

    SyperpK Fan accountSyperpK Fan accountOy oldin
  • 16:23 "YOU KNOW WHO I AM" *cough cough*

    ImfastasfreakboiTVImfastasfreakboiTVOy oldin
  • What is the music name ? 0:52

    RAHUL RRAHUL ROy oldin
  • Goro: This is my home *slams door in Jin’s face Me: dying from laughter

    King KrypticKing KrypticOy oldin
  • Who else playing ghost of tsushima with him

    james dingledongjames dingledongOy oldin
  • Cory: ALL RISE! Paralyzed person: *stands* Blind person: you can stand?! Deaf person: you can see?! Guy who can’t speak: you can hear?! Nurse: you can talk?! Doctor: ಠ_ಠ

    unOrdinary araunOrdinary araOy oldin
  • your not my dad

    DELTA sansDELTA sansOy oldin
  • Hwacha!! The overpowered artillery

    Lorenz GrandeLorenz GrandeOy oldin
  • nice shot cory!😂 27:00

    snake shootersnake shooterOy oldin
  • I love the music he puts the horse Montages

    I'm gay And proudI'm gay And proudOy oldin
  • "This dude finna end up like Lord Hidachi" little did Cory know....

    Cracker SmackerCracker SmackerOy oldin
    • I hope someone makes a compilation of this infamous running gag. It’s just great

      Dres2000Dres2000Oy oldin
  • Can I just say how much I love the persona music playing in the background.

    Darcy Aaron Colbert CookDarcy Aaron Colbert CookOy oldin
  • Cory: GeT iN tHeRe TaKa Taka: Dies Cory: 😐

    XPC_PlaZmaXPC_PlaZmaOy oldin
  • Didn't the Mongols lose because hurricanes swept them away?

    t.Q.v.1t.Q.v.1Oy oldin
  • Taka only lost because he didnt have armor💯

    TerminateURMuMTerminateURMuMOy oldin
  • Cory playing some Persona 5 music!

    Flamo BlamoFlamo BlamoOy oldin

    PRAKPRAKOy oldin
  • 2020 comes Jin: 8:25

    PRAKPRAKOy oldin
  • 6:40 Cory:I should visit my father grave RL father in the next room:how does he know he is adopted

    PRAKPRAKOy oldin
  • Yuna: "Taka, I found something!" caption: "Fuck up, I found something!"

    Andrew SimpsonAndrew SimpsonOy oldin
  • I been dying laughing every time that cory put that clip of Adacha gettin burned

    Montrell StewartMontrell StewartOy oldin
  • Never thought that there would be filler on a corxykenshin video, looks like the naruto shippuden is gettin to him

    Guy with BeansGuy with BeansOy oldin
  • My name is lamone but my last name isn’t horseford

    Demon ChillyDemon ChillyOy oldin
  • why is every dog named sparky? Lol

  • i live for these little outfit cuts

    ErikaErikaOy oldin
  • Cory: Taka taka taka! Taka: (Screams) Lord Sakai!!!!

    Anthony DrakefordAnthony DrakefordOy oldin
  • does anybody know what song he uses for the horse montage at 9:10?

    elysian_visionselysian_visionsOy oldin
    • I'm trying find it too

      Detroit the WayneDetroit the WayneOy oldin
    • I have no idea

      Detroit the WayneDetroit the WayneOy oldin
  • Cory what's the music of the horse montage you use

    Kyle GadsonKyle GadsonOy oldin
  • 9:10 love that horse montage

    printzシprintzシOy oldin